Historic C Street

Want to experience the Wild West, just as it was in the 1870s? If so, Historic C Street is exactly what you're looking for. C Street is a National Historic Landmark, and one of the most legendary, and infamous, main streets in the United States.  And, it's where  the young reporter Samuel Clemens became know as Mark Twain. For a true taste of the Old West, you have to send some time on Historic C Street, a uniquely American throughfare.


C Street, the main drag in Virginia City, was constructed as a response to the flood of people entering Virginia City after the largest silver strike in United States history. Today, the C Street is remarkably well-preserved, maintaining the same Victorian-era architecture and Old-West atmosphere that existed in its heyday. As you walk along, C Street's wooden-planked sidewalks, you'll find that many of area's unique buildings are basically unchanged from their original states.

For example, the Fourth Ward School, built in 1876, has changed little since its original construction. Designed by C. M. Bennett, the strucure is an excellent example of the Second Empire architectural style. The four-story building originally held over 1000 students and continued to be used as a schoolhouse until the mid-1930s. The Fourth Ward School building now serves as a museum where you can learn about the unique history of Virginia City and the Comstock Lode.

Another well-known, and historically significant, building on C Street is the Territorial Enterprise Building. This structure was the office of the Territorial Enterprise, Nevada's first newspaper. In the early 1860s, Samuel Clemens worked as a reporter for the the Territorial Enterprise, using the pen name Mark Twain. The building now houses the Mark Twain Museum, which features the original desk Twain used when he worked for the Territorial Enterprise.

Of course, no visit to C Street would be complete without sauntering in to one of its infamous saloons. We recommend trying out the Silver Dollar Saloon, the Firehouse Saloon, and, of course, the aptly named Bucket of Blood Saloon.

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[Red Dog Saloon] This is a historic place. I still need to see live music here. The food is good, beer is cold, and the staff is always friendly.
A must stop in Virginia City. 899dylanp, Trip Advisor
[Bucket of Blood Saloon] Every time I visit Virginia City, the Bucket of Blood is a must. It's an old time saloon with wooden floors and a fully stocked bar. I may not drink alcohol, but I love visiting.
Blast from the past. Travel75_12, Trip Advisor
[Fourth Ward School Museum] Nora was great, helped start a self guided tour.must go on line to make reservations. The history was amazing, the picture from the 1800’s were plentiful. The restorations to bring the school back to it’s original state has made the school stand out in the town. A must see if you love history. Great room on Mark Twain’s life also.
Fourth Ward school full of history. Amy, Trip Advisor
[Fourth Ward School Museum] this place is really well restored and comfortable to tour, just a great ambiance and beautiful building. so much to look at but not overwhelming. the exhibits are interesting and varied and well done. maybe the only "real" history spot in town. cute little gift shop too!
terrific museum! kirsten c, Trip Advisor